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I Thrive on Helping others  Improve their business on-line.

Consistency is KEY and almost KING when it comes to your on-line presence.

Download 50+ ready to post quotes for at least get 1 post per week in your social media feed so there is some consistency. Comes with Cheat Sheet on keeping track of your social media posts.

Get Started Today with this Zero Cost tool that I created for YOU.

We hate spam too, so therefore we will not do it to you, nor will be sell or share your email address with anyone. EVER.

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What does Susanna Do?

Susanna is a partner in an Event Rental and Balloon Business locally. She is actively still involved in the business. Susanna also helps other entrepreneurs that are on a ShoeStringStartUp.biz with getting things rolling inside their business. Her 1StopDigitalAgency.com helps those ready to get themselves fully on-line by paid professionals.  

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Need a website, social media, or anything else done for you?  This is where you can get more information on how to get it done now by professionals.

  • Website Design and Hosting

  • SEO, Social Media Marketing

  • Video creating and so much more...

  • Starting out we wear so many different hats, which is normal and equally frustrating and exhausting at times. This is why I do my best to keep offering small free gifts and affordable paid services in small packages to move along with your businesses needs and budget.

    I hope the following for all my followers:

  • Improved Social Media Posting

  • Improved Google My Business

  • Improved Website for your Business

  • Important part is getting known and getting your brand or image out there so people can recognize you when you share, contribute or make social posts and appearances.

    Lastly, I must emphasize consistency!

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    Learn how launch multiple campaigns to find the best performers and how to scale them to the moon.

  • Introduction to starting your business

  • Sharing of tips and tricks

  • Super cost effective Starting Offer

  • Who Can Benefit From This Cheat Sheet?

    Anyone wishing to get a grip on their social media that is doing it themselves. 

    Business Owners

    You're the Marketing Professional Who Is Working to Increase Sales

    If you are a business owners who wants to learn more about advertising and how it can help your business grow then you must have this cheat sheet. After you use it, you will be organized and serious about your business and its on-line presence.

    Download Today Above.

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